Thank you to everyone who supported our efforts and 86,000 students. We know that our board has some tough decisions to make now.


Ultimately, Jeffco will continue to strive to meet the needs of all current and future students and we must all join together to support this effort with reduced resources and increased needs.

Please stay involved! Please keep talking!


A message from our Superintendent:


Dear Jeffco Families,

The results are in, and as ballot measures 3A and 3B did not pass, our Board of Education is faced with some difficult financial decisions. I want to assure you our priority is providing the best education possible for our students. I also want to prepare you, because the preliminary budget from the Governor’s office indicates K-12 funding for 2017-18 will again be short of levels dictated by state law and we have no new local funding to fill those gaps.

The school district budget process will be a topic of discussion at the November 17 Board of Education meeting. There, the board will be briefed on the timeline and projections. Then the Board will guide staff in preparing budget proposals and determine public outreach efforts.

Our Board had taken school closures and consolidations off the table earlier this year, but it is hard to imagine this option can be avoided with our current budget constraints. Overcrowding in Northwest Arvada will need to be discussed as well, and solutions may include split schedules, year-round schools, boundary changes, or increased busing since there is no funding for new schools. Larger class sizes, fewer staff, cutting programs, and higher fees across the district will all need to be considered. We look to you to partner with us and continue to support our schools and students as we face these challenges together.

Jeffco Public Schools has maintained a tradition of excellence for over 60 years, and we are committed to continuing that tradition.

Warmest regards,
Dan McMinimee