Mill and Bond Supporters

Board of Education Members

Ron Mitchell
Brad Rupert
Susan Harmon
Amanda Stevens
Ali Lasell

Chair and Co-Chairs for the 2016 Jeffco Schools Mill and Bond Campaign

Bill Bottoms
Frank DeAngelis
Chris Webber
Angela Geier

Businesses, Organizations & Groups Supporting the 2016 Jeffco Schools Mill and Bond Campaign

A Touch for Wellness
Ackerman Engineering
American Association of University Women
Apex Park and Recreation District Board of Directors
Arvada Villa

Colorado Community Media Editorial Board
Compass Montessori Board of Directors
Edgewater City Council
Excel Academy Board of Directors
e5x Management
Financial Oversight Committee of Jeffco Schools
Free Horizon Montessori Board of Directors
Gold Crown Foundation
Golden City Council
Golden Schools Foundation
Golden Tutoring & Enrichment
Great Education Colorado
Gruv One Entertainment
Jeffco Charter School Consortium
Jeffco Students for Change
Jefferson County Administrators Association (JCAA)
Jefferson County Education Association (JCEA)
Jefferson County Education Support Professionals Association (JESPA, formerly CSEA)
Jeffco PTA
Jeffco Schools Foundation
League of Women Voters Jeffco
Outdoor Lab Foundation
Support Jeffco Kids

Sysco Foods, Strong Supporter of Jeffco Schools and Endorsement of #Yeson3A3B
West Metro Chamber
Westminster City Council

PTAs, Accountability Committees and/or other parent organizations from:

  • Arvada West High School PTSA
  • Bear Creek High School PTSA
  • Bell Middle School PTA
  • Betty Adams Elementary PTA
  • Bradford PTA
  • Coronado Elementary PTA
  • Drake Middle School PTSA
  • Dunstan Middle School PTA
  • Dutch Creek Elementary PTA
  • Fairmount Elementary PTA
  • Free Horizon Montessori Community Support Network
  • Fremont Elementary PTA
  • Golden High School PTSA
  • Hackberry Hill Elementary PTA
  • Kendrick Lakes Elementary PTA
  • Kyffin Elementary PTA
  • Lasley Elementary PTA
  • Lawrence Elementary PTA
  • Mandalay Middle School PTA
  • Manning School PTA
  • Maple Grove Elementary PTA
  • Meiklejohn Elementary PTA
  • Mitchell Elementary PTA
  • Patterson Elementary PTA
  • Pleasant View Elementary PTA
  • Prospect Valley Elementary PTA
  • Ralston Valley High School PTSA
  • Red Rocks Elementary PTA
  • Ryan Elementary PTA
  • Sierra Elementary PTA
  • Stober Elementary PTA
  • Westgate Elementary PTA
  • West Woods Elementary PTA

Other Supporters of the 2016 Jeffco Schools Mill and Bond Campaign

Paula Aaker, Jeffco Parent, Jeffco Staff, Community Member
Dale Abel, Jeffco Parent, Community Member
Melanie Abel, Jeffco Parent, Community Leader
Ron Abo, Jeffco Parent
Lori Abote, Jeffco Staff Member, Community Member
Craig Adams, Community Member
Emily Adams, Community Member
Suzanne Adams, Jeffco Parent
David Addison, Jeffco Parent, Jeffco Staff, Community Member
Chris Ainscough, Jeffco Parent
Jennifer Alford, Jeffco Parent, Community Leader
Brian Allbee, Jeffco Parent, Community Leader
Dawn Allbee, Jeffco Parent, Community Leader
Janenne Allen, Jeffco Parent
Cassie Alley, Jeffco Teacher, Community Leader
Jennifer Allport, Jeffco Parent
Tim Allport, Jeffco Parent, Community Leader
Celeste Amarosa, Friend of Jeffco
Lauren Ambrozic, Jeffco Parent, Healthcare Consultant
DeAnn Anderson, Jeffco Parent
Heidi Anderson, Jeffco Parent
Sara Anderson, Jeffco Parent
Senator Norma Anderson, Community Leader
Keighly Appel, Jeffco Parent, Community Leader
John Arkle, Community Member
Johnny Arnold, Jeffco Teacher, 9News Teachers Who Care
Shannon Arnold, Jeffco Teacher
Laurie Arnold-Kelly, Jeffco Parent, Community Leader
Herb Atchison, Community Leader
Tonya Aultman-Bettridge, Community Leader
Deborah Bacon, Jeffco Teacher, Community Leader
Leslie Baker, Jeffco Parent
Ray Baker, Jeffco Community Leader
Nina Banks, Jeffco Parent, Community Leader
Jane Banzin, Jeffco Taxpayer, Community Leader
Jennifer Barrett, Jeffco Parent, Community Leader
Monnie Barrett, Community Member
Amy Baumer, Community Leader
Rebecca Wallace Beattie, Jeffco Parent, Community Member
Betsy Bellissimo, Jeffco Taxpayer, Parent of 3 Jeffco Students
Andrea Berryhill, Jeffco Parent, Community Leader
Patricia Besch, Community Leader
Shannon Jackson Bird, Westminster City Council Member
Annie Bitsie, Jeffco Education Support Professional, Community Leader, Jeffco Parent
Ronnie Bitsie, Jeffco Parent
Jennifer Blackwell, Jeffco Teacher, Community Leader
Nanci Blanton, Jeffco Parent, Community Leader
Jeff Boldt, Jeffco Parent, Community Leader
Suzanne Bolton, Jeffco Grandparent, Community Member
Lorraine Bowen, Retired Jeffco Teacher, Community Leader
Sheryl Bowen, Jeffco Teacher, Community Leader
Karen Z. Brass, Jeffco Parent, Community Member
Dewey Bridge, Retired Jeffco Principal, Community Member
Cody Brokmeyer, Applewood Valley HOA Member
Brenda Bronson, Community Leader
Casey Brown, Community Leader, Golden City Council
Connie Brown, Jeffco Teacher, Community Leader
Malinda Lin Browning, Community Leader
Jason Bucholtz, Jeffco Parent
James Buck, Jeffco Teacher, Community Member
Jennifer Bullock, Jeffco Parent, Community Leader
Amy Burke, Jeffco Parent, Community Leader
David Burke, Jeffco Parent, Community Leader
Ann Burkholder, Community Leader
Steve Burkholder, Former City of Lakewood Mayor
Diane Byers, Retired Jeffco Teacher, Community Leader

Amanda Cameron, Jeffco Staff
Nathan Campbell, Friend of Jeffco
Pam Campbell, Jeffco Teacher, Community Leader
Tim Campbell, Jeffco Teacher, Community Leader
Scott Capron, Retired Jeffco Principal
Tabbey Cardinal, Community Leader
Debbie Carpenter, Community Leader
Ruth Annette Carter
, Community Leader
Gina Caswell, Jeffco Parent, Community Member
Sue Catterall, Friend of Jeffco, Education Advocate
Jon Cefkin, Jeffco Teacher, Community Leader

Lara Center, Jeffco Staff Member, Community Leader
Charlie Chalker, Jeffco Parent, Community Member
Robin Chalker, Jeffco Parent, Community Leader
Lawrence Chavez, Jeffco Parent, Community Member

Rene Mellberg-Chavez, Jeffco Parent, Jeffco Teacher, Community Member
Cheryl Cheney, Community Leader
Todd Collins, Jeffco Parent, Local Business Owner
Michael Clark, Jeffco Graduate, Community Leader
Thomas Cline, Community Member

Bradley Cook, Community Leader
Lisa Cook, Jeffco Parent
Jennifer Cook, Community Leader
Paul Cook, Jeffco Parent
Suzanne Covington, Jeffco Teacher, Community Leader
Betty Crist, Retired Teacher, Community Member
Shari Crist, Jeffco Teacher, Community Member
Nicole Croy, Jeffco Parent, Community Leader
Brandon Cullen, Jeffco Graduate

Carrie Curtiss, Jeffco Parent, Community Member
Lisa Cutter, Community Leader, Parent of Jeffco Graduate
Barb Dachtler, Jeffco Parent, Community Leader
Lesley Dahlkemper, Former Jeffco School Board Member
Kimberly Daley, Jeffco Parent

Jessie Danielson, State Representative, Community Leader
Michael Dassler, Community Member, Parent of Jeffco Graduates
Tria Dassler, Jeffco Staff Member, Parent of Jeffco Graduates
CeXochiti De La Torre, Jeffco Parent, Jeffco Teacher
Shaylyn DeLong, Jeffco Parent, Jeffco Teacher
Amy Delgadillo, Community Member
David R DiGiacomo, Former Jeffco Board Member, Community Leader
Kevin DiPasquale, Friend of Jeffco
Michelle DiTirro, Jeffco Parent, Community Member
Jerry DiTullio, Wheat Ridge City Council, Jeffco Teacher
Katherine Dockerty, Jeffco Parent, Jeffco Staff Member, Community Leader

Amy Dolci, Jeffco Teacher, Community Leader
Heidi Dool, Jeffco Parent, Community Leader
Gina Doucett, Jeffco Teacher, Community Member
Kimberly Douglas, Community Member

Bryan Douglass, Community Leader, Candidate for Jeffco Surveyor
Heather Douglass, Community Leader, Jeffco Parent
Carrie Dyer, Jeffco Parent, Community Member
Jen Earley, Jeffco Teacher, Jeffco Parent
Jim Earley, Jeffco Parent, Community Leader
Lisa Elliott, Community Leader
Beth Elmgreen, Jeffco Staff

Carsten Engebretsen, Jeffco Parent, Community Leader
Heather Ertle Lowinske, Friend of Jeffco
Stephanie Eudaly, Jeffco Teacher, Community Leader
Brett Eudaly, Community Member
Cassandra Ewert-Lamutt, Jeffco Teacher, Community Leader
Loredana Farilla, Jeffco Parent, Jeffco Staff Member

Sarah Feldman Johnston, Community Leader, Jeffco Parent
Jill Fellman, Former Jeffco School Board Member
Ken Fellman, Former City of Arvada Mayor
Mike Feeley, attorney, Brownstein, Hyatt, Farber, Schreck
Jim Fernald, Retired Jeffco Teacher, Community Leader
Bob Fifer, Jeffco Resident, Arvada Mayor Pro Tem

Dawn Findley, Jeffco Parent
Bill Fisher, Community Leader
Lynnae Flora, Jeffco Parent

Matt Flora, Jeffco Parent
John Ford, Jeffco Teacher, Jeffco Parent, Community Leader, JCEA President
Julie Freideman, Retired Jeffco Teacher, Community Leader
Wendy Freauff, Jeffco Parent and Grantparent

Rusty Frishmuth, Jeffco Parent, Community Leader
Dawn Fritz, Jeffco Parent, Community Leader
Bryan E. Fritzler, P.E, Manager of Denver Operations, Geo-Logic Associates
Morgan Fritzler, Jeffco Student
Shawna Fritzler, Community Leader
Kathy Fullerton, Jeffco Parent, Community Member

Jef Fugita, Jeffco Parent
Heather Gabriszeski, Jeffco Parent, Community Member
Byron Gale, Jeffco Parent, Community Member

Angel Gallegos-Jung, Community Leader
Kim Ganeles, Jeffco Teacher, Community Leader
Deb Gard, Retired Jeffco Principal, Community Leader

Coleen Geiger, Jeffco Parent
Alberto Garcia, Westminster City Council Member
Jake Garcia, Jeffco Parent, Community Leader
Joshua Garcia, Jeffco Parent, Community Member
Leann Garcia, Jeffco Parent, Community Member
Deborah Gard, Community Member, Taxpayer
Casey Gardner, Jeffco Social Worker
Jane Gilmore, Community Leader
Danette Glassburner, Jeffco Parent, Community Leader
Jeff Glenn, VP Apex Board of Directors

Jane Goff, State Board of Education Member, Retired Jeffco TeacherDonda Gorton, Jeffco Parent, Community Leader
Pamela Gould, Golden City Council Member
Jennifer Granbery, Jeffco Parent, Community Leader
Marilou Griego, Community Leader
Tom Griego, Community Member
Lisa Gruber, Jeffco Staff Member

Deb Guiducci, Jeffco Parent and 2004 3A/3B Campaign Co-Chair
Kristin Guinan, Jeffco Parent
Kristi Gulley, Jeffco Parent
Bob Gurdikian, Jeffco Parent
Tina Gurdikian, Community Leader
Dana Guttwein, Lakewood City Council Member

Jayson Haberkorn, Jeffco Teacher, Community Leader
Harriet Hall, Community Leader

Selena Hall, Jeffco Parent

Jane Hampleman, Jeffco Teacher, Jeffco Parent
Cyndy Hampton, Jeffco Teacher, Community Leader

Michelle Hancock, Jeffco Teacher, Community Member

Bill Hanzlik, Jeffco Community Leader
Karen Harrison, Community Leader, Jeffco Business Owner
Sarah Harteker, Jeffco Parent
Bonnie Hayes, Community Member
Don Hazell, Jeffco Resident, Jeffco Taxpayer, Community Leader 
Julie Hearrell, Jeffco Staff
Sheralyn Heffner, Retired Jeffco Educator
Joanie Hendricks, Community Leader, Jeffco Staff Member
Michelle Henninger-Ainscough, Jeffco Parent
Dave Hill, Jeffco Parent

Michelle Hill, Jeffco Parent
Opal Hilty, Jeffco Parent, Community Member
Lorie Hirose, Former Jeffco Staff Member, Jeffco Parent
Risa Holmes, Jeffco Parent
Ann Hood, Friend of Jeffco
Christina Hubbard, Community Leader
Meg Hollingsworth, Jeffco Parent, Community Leader

Jeff Hollingsworth, Jeffco Parent, Jeffco Graduate
Erik Howard, Jeffco Parent
Jessica Howard, Jeffco Parent, Former Jeffco Teacher
Evie Hudak, Community Leader, Former State Senator
Alison Huskie, Community Leader
Constance Ingram, Friend of Jeffco, Education Advocate

Ariel Irving, Jeffco Teacher
Senator Cheri Jahn, Community Leader

Jimbo James, Jeffco Teacher, Community Member
Wheat Ridge Mayor Joyce Jay, Community Leader
Sarah Jett, Community Member
Chris Johnson, Jeffco Parent, Business Community Leader
Eric Johnson, Jeffco Parent, Community Member
Jane Johnson, Jeffco Parent, Jeffco Teacher
Jeanne Johnson, Jeffco Grandparent, Jeffco Voter, Jeffco or Taxpayer

Kelly Johnson, Jeffco Parent, Community Leader
Steve Johnston, Jeffco Parent, Community Member
Connie Jones, Jeffco Teacher, Community Member
David Jones, Community Leader
Ayrolyn Keady, Community Member

Colleen Keefe, Jeffco Teacher, Community Leader
Chris Kennedy, Candidate for State Representative
Senator Andy Kerr, Community Leader, Jeffco Parent, Jeffco Teacher
Tammy Kerr, Community Leader, Jeffco Parent
Sue King, Community Leader, Former Lakewood City Council Member

Edna Lou Kionka, Community Member
Cecily Klein, Jeffco Parent, Community Member, Jeffco Staff Member
Jeff Kirk, Jeffco Parent, Community Leader
Scott Koop, Lakewood City Council Member 

Tracy Kraft-Tharp, State Representative – HD29
Gail Kramer, Retired Jeffco Teacher, Jeffco Parent

Peggy Kroonenberg, Community Member
Meredith Lager, Jeffco Parent, Community Leader
Jeremy Lambert, Community Member
Lindsey Lambert, Jeffco Student
Sarah Lambert, Jeffco Staff, Community Member
Cheryl Lammers, Community Member

Jeff Lamontagne, Executive Director – Bluff Lake Nature Center/Former Executive Director & Co-Founder of Second Wind Fund/Past President – Jefferson Foundation Board of Directors
Paula Langhorst, Jeffco Parent, Community Member

Scott Leivian, Jeffco Parent

Dirk LeRette, Jeffco Parent, Community Member
Valorie LeRette, Jeffco Parent, Jeffco Teacher
Natalie Lindeberg, Community Leader
Kay Landon, Jeffco Parent, Jeffco Teacher
Lisa Lee-Hampton, Jeffco Teacher, Community Leader

Mandy Lemig, Jeffco Parent

Margaret Lessenger, Community Leader
Jonna Levine, Community Leader
Kallie Leyba, Jeffco Alumni, Parent of 2 Jeffco Graduates

Kiki Leyba, Jeffco Teacher, Parent of 2 Jeffco Graduates
Shannon Lewis, Jeffco Parent, Taxpayer
Kristin Libberton, Jeffco Parent, Community Member

Kari Litz, Community Member
Joanie Lodico, Jeffco Staff Member

Samantha Loomis, Jeffco Parent, Community Leader
Teresa Louis-Tomlinson, Jeffco Teacher, Community Leader
Cheryl Lucas, Community Member

Jodi Lundin, Parent, Community Member, Taxpayer
Ashlyn Maher, Jeffco Graduate, Community Leader
Jeremy Malenck, Jeffco Parent, Community Member

Portia Malenck, Jeffco Parent, Community Member
Rob Malling, Jeffco Parent, Community Member
Andy Manning, Community Member
Cheryl Manning, Jeffco Teacher, Community Member
Sue Marinelli, Former Jeffco Schools Board Member
Gail Martin, Retired Jeffco Teacher, Community Leader

Gloria Martin, Community Member

Peter Martin, Community Member
Leah Martinez, Community Leader, Parent of Jeffco Graduate

Luca Martini, Community Member, Jeffco Parent
Melissa Martini, Community Leader, Jeffco Parent
Erica Mays, Jeffco Parent, Community Member
Suzanne McClung, Jeffco Parent, Jeffco Teacher, Community Member

Lici McCuistion, Jeffco Parent
Alyssa McFarland, Jeffco Graduate, Jeffco Parent

Barb McGinnis, Retired Jeffco Teacher
Sharon McManus, Community Leader
Sarah McVeigh, Jeffco Parent

Art Mellen, Community Member
Sara Mellen, Community Member, Business Community Leader
Trish Merkel, Jeffco Parent, Community Leader

Karen Michie, Community Member
Keith Michie, Community Member
David Millard, Former Jeffco Teacher, Community Leader
Debbie Millard, Former Jeffco Counselor, Community Leader
Cheyenne Millard, Jeffco Graduate
Austin Millard, Jeffco Graduate
Savannah Millard, Jeffco Graduate
Linda Millard, Jeffco Teacher, Community Leader
Carla Miller, Jeffco Teacher, Community Leader
Kirstin Miller, Jeffco Parent, Community Member
Amber Miskimon, Jeffco Digital Teacher Librarian, Jeffco Parent

Sheryl Mitchell, Retired Jeffco Teacher, Community Leader
Gail Montgomery, Community Leader

Rick Moody, Retired Jeffco Staff, Community Leader
Cheryl Mosier, Jeffco Teacher, Community Leader, Jeffco Parent
Chris Mosier, Jeffco Teacher, Jeffco Parent, Community Member
Beckie Mostello, Former Jeffco Community Member, Friend of Jeffco
Jill G. Moynihan, Jeffco Parent/Community Leader
David Mudd, Jeffco Parent

Kate Mulcahy, Jeffco Parent, Edgewater City Council Member
Terri Mullen, Community Leader
Marta Murray, Community Leader
Tom Murray, President – Summit/Lakewood Brick Company
Jessica Myklebust, Jeffco Parent

Marta Neil, Jeffco Staff, Community Member, Parent of Jeffco Graduates
Jean Noble, Jeffco Teacher, Community Leader
Tracy Nolan, Jeffco Parent

Kate Noyes, Jeffco Teacher, Jeffco Parent
Debra Oberbeck, Former Jeffco Board of Education Member

Dawn Odean, Community Member Jeffco Staff

Laura Oliver, Jeffco Staff
Carrie Packard, Community Member
Christa Palmer, Jeffco Parent

Scott Pantall, Jeffco Parent, Community Leader
Jessica Partridge, Community Member
Patrick Partridge, Community Member
Michele Patterson, Community Leader
Mary Pattee, Retired Jeffco Teacher, Community Leader
Adam Paul, Lakewood Community Leader

Karyn Peabody, Jeffco Parent, Community Leader
Cindy Pearson, Jeffco Parent, Founder/Director/Instructor – Golden Tutoring & Enrichment

Debra Pegram, Jeffco Staff Member
Valerie Wasserman Pelc, Jeffco Staff, Community Leader
B.J. Pell, Retired Jeffco Administrator, Community Leader
Congressman Ed Perlmutter, Community Leader
Nancy Perlmutter, Community Leader, Retired Jeffco Teacher
Tammie Peters, Jeffco Teacher, Jeffco Parent, Community Leader

Kate Peterson, Jeffco Parent
Representative Brittany Pettersen, Community Leader
Dave Pflueger, Jeffco Parent, Jeffco Resident
Margaret Pflueger, Jeffco Parent, Jeffco Resident
Mr. Tracy Phariss, Retired Math Teacher
Kelly Phillips, Jeffco Parent, Community Member, Jeffco Staff
Rob Phillips, Jeffco Educator
Bill Pierce, Community Activist
Judy Pierce, Former Jeffco School Board Member, Community Leader
Greg Piotraschke, Jeffco Parent, Jeffco Teacher

Emma Pinter, Westminster City Council Member
Bret Poole, Community Memberr
Sue Prestien, Jeffco Teacher, Community Leader
Daniel Price, Jeffco Teacher, Jeffco Parent
Kelly Price, Jeffco Parent, Community Member
Ami Prichard, Jeffco Parent, Community Leader
Samantha Prisbrey, Jeffco Parent, Community Leader

Susie Pugliese, Jeffco Parent, Community Member
Brian Pugliese, Jeffco Parent, Community Leader
Tom Quinn, Community Leader, Former Lakewood City Council Member

Randy J. Rael Sr. Community Member, Business Community Leader
Linda Randolph, Jeffco Parent
Ray Randolph, Jeffco Parent, Community Leader
Jessica Reed, Jeffco Grandparent, Realtor(R), Jeffco Taxpayer

Jeaneane Renz, Jeffco Parent, Community Member
John Renz, Jeffco Parent, Community Member
Annie Reschak, Community Leader
Brent Reschak, Community Member
Bo Riley, Jeffco Parent, Business Community Leader
Tressa Riley, Jeffco Parent, Jeffco Teacher
Paula Reed, Jeffco Teacher, Community Leader
Jennifer Reilly, Community Leader
Ashley Renz, Community Leader, Jeffco Parent
Emily Richardson, Community Member

Laura Roberts, Community Member
Alonzo F. Rodriguez, Ph.D., Retired Educator/Retired LTC, US Army Medical Service Corps
Marilyn Roline, Community Member

Rheana Rogers, Jeffco Parent, Community Leader
Vince Rogers, Jeffco Parent, Community Member
Bill Ross, Former Jeffco Board Member
Mary Ross, Community Leader
Amy Rotman, Jeffco Parent, Jeffco Staff Member

Liz Rowland, Community Leader
Maggie Ruddy, Jeffco Parent

Susan Carter Ruskell, Jeffco Parent, Community Member
Todd Ruskell, Jeffco Parent, Community Member
Joi-Lin Russell, Community Member

Audrey Rutan, Community Member
Leanna Rutka, Jeffco Teacher, Community Leader
Missy Ruzicka, Jeffco Teacher, Community Leader
Ericka L. Salerno, Community Leader

Bobbi Sanchez, Jeffco Parent, Community Leader
EuEll Santistevan, Jr., Community Leader
Jo Schantz, Community Member
Shirley Sedalnick, Community Member

Anita Seitz, Westminster City Council Member
Stephen Selle, Retired Jeffco Administrator
Shelly Seymour, Jeffco Teacher, Community Leader
Sue Schafer, Former State Representative – HD 24
Tom Schantz, Friend of Jeffco

Erin Murphy Schow, Jeffco Teacher, Jeffco Parent, Community Leader
Laura Schulkind, Jeffco Teacher, Community Leader
Nancy Shakowski, Retired Jeffco Teacher

Shakti, Lakewood City Council Member
Renae Shaw, Jeffco Parent, Community Member
Erin Shannon, Jeffco Parent

Derek Shoaf, Jeffco Parent

Lydia Rueger Shoaf, Jeffco Parent
Kristen Simon, Jeffco Parent, Community Leader
Kay Slater, Community Leader, Jeffco Parent
Nakada Slater, Jeffco Parent, Community Member
Nakada A. Slater, Community Member
Molly Snyder, Jeffco Parent, Community Leader
Bob Smith, Community Member

Liz Surek Smith, Friend of Jeffco
Marti J. Smith, Candidate for County Commissioner, Community Leader
Monica Smith, Jeffco Parent

Rosemary Smith, Jeffco Staff
Janet Spangenberg, Jeffco Resident
Mary Stahl, Jeffco Parent, Community Leader
Mike Stahl, Jeffco Parent, Business Community Leader
Marley Steele-Inama, Jeffco Parent, Community Leader
Mary Steinmeyer, Jeffco Parent, Business Owner
Regina Stewart, Jeffco Teacher, Jeffco Parent, Community Leader
Tammy Story, State Representative Candidate
Terri Straut, Jeffco Parent, Community Leader

Suzanne Swank, Jeffco Staff Member

Courtney Swanson, Former Jeffco Teacher, Community Member
Eileen Hunter-Sweeney, Retired Jeffco Social Worker, Parent of Jeffco Graduate
Marty Sweeney, Community Member, Arvada Small Business Owner
Martha Tate, Retired Jeffco Teacher, Coach, and Principal, Grandparent

Kris Teegardin, Mayor of Edgewater
Stacey Teegardin, Community Leader
Jon Tesseo, Jeffco Parent
Caroline Thomas, Jeffco Parent, Community Member
Jennifer Timmerman, Jeffco Parent, Jeffco Staff Member
Andrew Tinch, Jeffco Parent, Community Member
Sally Kate Tinch, Jeffco Parent, Community Leader
Jean Tobin, Jeffco Teacher, Community Leader
Tony Tochtrop, Jeffco Community Leader, Jeffco Teacher

Maegen Tracy, Jeffco Parent
Debra Tripp, Community Member
Cindy Trujillo, Community Member
Tho Truong, Jeffco Parent, Community Member
Amber Tyler, Jeffco Parent, Community Member
Representative Max Tyler, Community Leader and Strong Supporter of 3A3B

Becky Herstine Ugander, Jeffco Teacher, Jeffco Parent, Community Leader
Patti Vaggalis-Hickey, Friend of Jeffco
Danny Valverde, Jeffco Parent, Community Member
Lauree Valverde, Jeffco Parent, Community Leader
Shannon VanDevener, Jeffco Parent
Jack Van Ens, Community Leader

Sandy Van Ens, Community Leader
Katie VanGuilder, Jeffco Parent
Julie Vanek, Jeffco Parent, Community Leader
Dan Varda, Jeffco Teacher, Jeffco Parent

Danielle Varda, Jeffco Parent, Community Leader
Theresa Vaughan, Jeffco Parent, Community Member

Amy Vaughn, Jeffco Parent
Laura Velapoldi, Jeffco Parent
Sharon Vincent, Community Leader, Jeffco Resident

Julia Vitanyl, Jeffco Parent, Community Leader
Kresta Vuolo, Jeffco Administrator, Jeffco Parent

Thad Vuolo, Jeffco Parent, Community Member
Angie Wagner, Jeffco Digital Teacher Librarian
Todd Walsh, Community Leader
Layne Webber, Jeffco Parent, Community Member

Ell Weber, Community Leader
Hunter Weeks, Community Member, Jeffco Parent

Laura Weinberg, Golden City Council Member, Community Leader
Darcie Weiser, Jeffco Parent, Community Leader
Peter Weiser, Jeffco Parent, Community Member
Rhiannon Wenning, Jeffco Teacher, Community Leader
John Williams, Community Leader
Carol Wilsey, Jeffco Parent, Community Leader
Adele Willson, Community Member

Diane Wilson, Jeffco Staff Member, Community Leader

Mike Wilson, Community Member
Wenda Wilson, Community Leader
Katie Winner, Jeffco Parent, Community Leader

Rich Winner, Jeffco Parent
Rebecca Winning, Community Leader
Michelle Winzent, Community Leader
Darcy Wood, Community Leader
Genevieve Wooden, Community Leader
Jenn Sarris Woodward, Friend of Jeffco, Teacher of the Arts
Amy Woodley, Jeffco Teacher, Community Leader
Carolyn Wolfrum, Jeffco Teacher, Community Leader

Phyllis Writz, Retired Jeffco Teacher, Community Leader
Dena Wyatt, Jeffco Parent, Community Leader
Mary Wylie, Community Member

Christy Yacano, Jeffco Digital Teacher Librarian, Community Leader
Bob Zachman, Retired Jeffco Music Educator, Community Member

Rachel Zenzinger, State Senator Candidate
Ted Zenzinger, Jeffco Parent, Community Member