Dear Neighbors:

We write to you in support of Jefferson County ballot issues 3A & 3B, which together provide the much-needed resources to deliver our shared commitment to an unparalleled education for all Jeffco students. We as elected leaders in Lakewood are writing to you as residents of the Jeffco R1 School District, on our own time and using our own resources. Like you we strive to maintain a high quality of life for our community and great schools are the foundation of a great city.

Schools, for example, rank as one of the most important factors when families choose where they want to live. They’re a top indicator in city livability rankings. High-quality schools are an economic engine attracting and retaining businesses. They’re important to property owners because they improve property values.

Lakewood schools and Lakewood’s economy will benefit by the additional $146.2 million in bond dollars spent locally through the following planned projects:

  • Kendrick Lakes Elementary School: New school construction
  • Green Gables Elementary: New school construction
  • Fletcher Miller Special School: New school construction
  • Eiber Elementary School: Six classroom addition
  • Molholm Elementary School: Eight classroom addition
  • Green Mountain Elementary School: Four classroom addition
  • Patterson Elementary School: Renovations
  • Stober Elementary School: Renovations & four classroom addition
  • Creighton Middle School: Eight classroom addition
  • Dunstan Middle School: Eight classroom addition
  • Alameda International Junior & Senior High School: Phase Two Reconstruction
  • Green Mountain High School: Master Plan Phase One
  • Jefferson County Open School: Master Plan Phase Two
  • Trailblazer Stadium: Improvements


The truth of the matter is that, as currently funded, Jefferson County Schools are losing their competitive edge in facilities maintenance and retaining and attracting quality educators. The median age of schools in Jefferson County is 45 years. Now is the time to make the investment to repair and renew schools and build to accommodate student population growth and ensure opportunity equity across the district.

As written, the proposed bond issue and mill-levy override will benefit Jeffco students and classrooms by providing the funds for 21st-century-ready educational facilities, STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math), career, and technical education programming, critical safety and security upgrades, and competitive pay to secure passion- ate, effective educators in every single Jefferson County classroom.

We support 3A & 3B because we support our community. We support business development. We support our students. We support our schools. Most importantly, we support a strong, secure future for Lakewood.

We know our kids are our future. We know they deserve quality teachers. We know they deserve to learn in a safe environment. We know they deserve the instruction and skills necessary for their later success in college, the workplace, and life.

Together, 3A and 3B deliver what the community needs and what our students deserve. We write to you, not as official representatives of the City of Lakewood which is not taking a position on the matter but rather in our individual capacity as friends, neighbors, parents, and engaged citizens, and urge you to vote yes on 3A and 3B.


Adam Paul, Mayor
Scott Koop, Councilmember
Sharon Vincent, Councilmember
Shakti , Councilmember
Karen Harrison , Councilmember
Dana Gutwein, Councilmember

*The opinions expressed in this letter are of the individuals listed and do not represent the views of the Lakewood City Council or of any individual councilmembers not listed, who are free to take and express their own positions for or against the ballot questions*

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