The Outdoor Lab Foundation is proud to endorse the 3A & 3B Mill and Bond initiative to benefit Jeffco Schools.  As a non-profit whose function is to solely support Outdoor Lab schools, we know the positive impact this ballot initiative will have on the program and its future.  The Mill will provide funds that will continue to support the new teachers that have been added to the sites in the past year.  These teachers have elevated the level of learning that each and every student receives.  The Mill will also provide more funds for the local schools, enabling them to support students on free and reduced lunch who are unable to pay for tuition for their week at Outdoor Lab. 

The Bond is especially crucial.  If it passes, Outdoor Lab will have $2 million dollars per site for MUCH needed facilities.  At Mount Evans, there is a 40-ton rock pressing against the dining hall that makes the need for a new building even more critical.  This also means money towards and repairs to a number of buildings.  Given the remote location at Windy Peak, staff must live on site.  There are not enough residences for the staff and as a result, they cannot retain great employees who have such a huge impact on our kids.  The bond would help fund new homes for critical staff members like nurses and cooks.  The funds would also go towards building a new dorm for students and help retro-fit the cabins so all students will have access to bathroom facilities in their cabins and not have to walk in extreme temperatures to use the restroom in the middle of the night.

We ask you to consider voting yes this November, on both the 3A & 3B Mill and Bond initiatives to support our cherished Outdoor Lab schools!

Thank you!

-Shannon Hancock, Executive Director

The Outdoor Lab Foundation